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This is my Geocaching Jounral. It is open to the public, feel free to comment if you would like.

There will be spoilers within, so if you're wanting to go look for these caches, I suggest at least not opening the pictures cuts.

My geocache name is Lottia paleacea, and you can find me on livejournal, cenedrawood.net and the geogaching website here at my profile
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Went to Wheel of Life, a vegan thai resturant in Irvine on Saturday with [personal profile] geovegan, her boyfriend and her boyfriends friend.

Then me and [personal profile] geovegan went and geocached around that area.

The first place we went to was RITV2: The Castle Walls which was too complicated for us so we moved on to other ones. But I did take this picture of the castle before we left. It was pretty impressive, yet really creepy since it was falling apart and there was a strange old van parked in front. I don't know. picture )

After giving up on the castle one, we drove around to Lights...Camera...ACTION. I found this one and it was a really easy find seeing as it basically pops out at you, so it's really hard to miss. picture ) The only problem is that the parking that is there is for club members only so don't take to long to get the cache or they might call security on you.

We decided to stay in the same general area, so we went to Arbor Park. This was a pretty nice cache in a cute little park off of the Irvine Loop. [personal profile] geovegan found this one. She stopped to smell the roses afterwards. :) pictures )

There is this park off of Warner and we went there next. There are two caches in the park, but we only found one. The one we didn't find was Flock of Seagulls (PQA #06). It's in the middle of a bunch of birds of paradise plants. There were black widow spiders and lots of cob webs. [personal profile] geovegan was wearing shirts and flip flops and I was wearing jeans and flip flops. I'm not normally scared of spiders, but I don't like black widows. We gave up after about 5-10 minutes of me tromping through the plants with no luck. picture ) But we did find Keep it Green. This one was a fun find. I ended up having to climb onto a pillar to reach it, but we did it. [personal profile] geovegan didn't believe me when I found it and it was so far up. picture )

After we left that park, we decided to try one more. We went to this athletic park in Irvine and try to find Havasu or Bust!. The description said that the difficulty was inversely proportional to your height, so needless to say me and [personal profile] geovegan are both short and were wearing flip flops so we gave up.

On our way home we were going to go to goodwill to get some fanny packs for geocaching, but [personal profile] geovegan got sidetracked by a geocache that one of her twitter friends hid that was on the same street, so we found that one. That one was A Rich Man's Find. picture )


Oct. 2nd, 2009 02:38 pm
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Hopefully going Geocaching tomorrow with [personal profile] geovegan in Irvine. I haven't had a chance to go in a few weekends because of teaching things that got in the way the last 2 weekends.

I'm pretty happy since it's been so long!

Hopefully we find a few good ones!

I'm not sure if my friends Alyssa and Dustin are going to come or not. They've been wanting to go, but haven't gotten around to it, so I invited them to go with me and [personal profile] geovegan, but I'm not sure if they'll want to go eat vegan food with us beforehand. :)
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Last week sometime (not sure which days) me and a few friends (Vincent and Irene) went looking for caches while getting food. Our first cache was the Eye Opener To The Stars. It was a pretty easy find. The hints lead you right to it.

Last Friday while me, Vincent and Irene went to get breakfast, we tried caching. The first one we tried to find was Alien Droppings. We searched for quite awhile with no luck. We'll have to go back on another day and try again. It seems that it's just too hard for us to find. Any clues would be appreciated.
After failing at that one, we went to do JBS. This one was pretty simple to find and Vincent went and got some stuff he needed at the bike shop while we found the cache. I guess it's a themed cache, but I'll have to find the other caches to figure out the theme. :)

This weekend (between World of Warcraft time) me, [personal profile] geovegan and [livejournal.com profile] beerbad went caching down in Irvine near UCI. We went to get lunch at the Veggie Grill and figured we would do some caching (seems to be a weekend thing for me and [personal profile] geovegan).

The first one we found was African Safari. It was an awesome presentation and this cache is probably one of my favorites! It was a little confusing where it was because the hints/descriptions talk about boards. When you find it you'll realize why, but don't look for something that has boards. picture ). This one was fairly close to the Veggie Grill so it was an easy find.

In the same parking lot as Veggie Grill, we did the other cache Fountains Are Cool (UCI Jack). This one was pretty funny since there were a lot of muggles around and we looked weird looking in the fountains. Stealth is the key here. We also wouldn't have found it without the clue.

We then went to another one called And the Oscar® Goes To.... [personal profile] geovegan found the area, but I think I found the cache. There is also an Emmy over there, so that got a little confusing. This is a virtual cache, so you have to either take a picture with the cache, or email the person who created it and and tell them the name of the movie the Oscar® was awarded for, or mail them and tell them what the other award is, and what is written on the third line of the inscription. This is our first vitual cache, so yay! pictures )

After this one, we went and tried to find Things You Cannot See, but it's a multi cache and so we couldn't do it because we didn't have anything that you could punch corrdinates into. Another time though.

We then went and found our last cache. This one was Get out of Jail (UCI/URP #05). It took us quite awhile to find it, but we finally did. [personal profile] geovegan found this one. I had looked at exactly where it was and didn't find it (but I didn't look at the back). Thank goodness it was a Sunday and there were no campus police around. Here are some pictures )
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Went Geocaching today with [personal profile] trixen when we got up and ready before she left to go back to Marysville/Olivehurst.

The first one we tried was The Old Sunkist Plant and we couldn't find it. We figured a rating of 3 was too hard for us.

So we left and went to another one. We ended up finding Cache n Dash #1 eventhough the thing said it was trespassing.

Later in the day me and [personal profile] geovegan went and did some caching. We found 5/7 of ones we attempted.

We found Don't let your guard done on Dale near the elementary school. It was a pretty easy find and didn't take much searching. It was one made for kids (like one of the last ones we tried). picture )

Next we went back to the The Old Sunkist Plant cache since I couldn't find it earlier. Found it the second time though. :) Yay! Difficulty 3 too! picture )

We went searching for Just Because but after searching for nearly 10-15 minutes we gave up. Maybe we'll go back and search another time. picture )

After that one, we went and tried to find Huck-Colbert-ee Pond. [personal profile] geovegan found that one. It was hidden really well and even came with a pen! woot! The person who hid it was pretty funny and wanted a Colbert/Huckabee presidental ticket. LOL too funny. picture )

We tried to find Loco Bird but couldn't. Most of the recent field notes mentioned that they couldn't find it either so we think it got taken.

After getting Starbucks near the Loco Bird cache, we went and got some fries from Carl's JR and went in search of You want some fries with that? Good times. This one was super fun, except for the asshole who decided to not follow the law inthe parking lot who we almost hit cause he didnt stop where he should have. I ended up seeing this one twice and then realized that it was actually the cache. I had to hold [personal profile] geovegan's foot as she stood up to grab it cause it was too high up for either of us to reach. Good hide! pictures )

The last one we did was another kid themed one. Who Was Chip's Friend? Think Disney! was a pretty easy find ([personal profile] geovegan found this one) in the bushes near Dale and Artesia. pictures )

Overall a great day for geocaching with the best friends!
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So today was my 26th birthday. I feel kind of old, but that's okay.

My friend Ryan's boyfriend, Travis, is a geocacher (is that the right word?) and I asked him to take me Geocaching for my birthday. We only did one, but I really enjoyed it.

We (meaning Me, Ryan, Travis, Tracy, Emily, Thomas and Meredith) went to the Geocache at the Buena Park Metrostation. It was fun, I didn't take any pictures though. We found Too Easy #2.

So that was my geocaching virgin experience. I think me and Emily may start doing them on the weekends.

I spent $10 on the Geocaching App for the iPhone, so hopefully we can get some use out of it!


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